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New Product: Segmentation Wizard

Brandon Crossley
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Agilitek’s Segmentation Wizard brings intuitive drag-and-drop audience-building capabilities to the existing power of the data activation tools, unlocking unlimited potential for personalized messaging, targeted marketing, and intelligent lead distribution.

Table of contents

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  2. Overview
  3. Solution
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For most B2C businesses with large data sets, customer segmentation is a recurrent challenge. Whether you are a business with 100k, 1M, or 10M contacts in your database, delivering a message or offer to the right subset of people requires extensive effort, planning, creativity and technical wizardry. “Scrubbing” that dataset against your existing customers (ie: season ticket holders or VIP accounts) adds another layer of complexity. Then delivering that data to the right execution platform is yet another non-trivial step. All in all, turning a sales, service, or marketing concept into a reality can be a project.

Agilitek has known for years that an easy-to-use segmentation tool was something our customers wanted. Yet, our product roadmap strategy involved making the intentional decision to defer this feature, relying instead on the SQL-writing capabilities of the Business Intelligence team to curate the ideal audience. So, why the delay?

Because segmentation without a way to take action on the results misses the point.

From Day 1, we designed the Fan Data Platform as two things:

  1. A platform that lets you take control of your own data.
  2. An automation tool.

So, we felt it was important to get those topics “solidly handled” before expanding the platform with a segmentation tool. We needed to ensure that the segmentation tool would:

  1. Function elegantly, without compromising our foundational principles around data security, privacy, and extensibility.
  2. Effectively leverage a proven automation engine, so that on launch day, our users could immediately deliver impactful results.

We believe we’re at that point now. So it is with great pleasure that we introduce our latest product, and the elegant natural extension of our automation platform, the Segmentation Wizard!

Product Overview

The functionality builds on three concepts:

Data Models

  • Data Models are our way of allowing Business Intelligence users to shape data into tables for analysis. Similar to a Database View, and written in SQL syntax. Note that 100% of the data within the data model will be available for analysis and segmentation by the business users.

Segmentation Wizard

  • The Segmentation Wizard is our drag-and-drop intuitive interface for non-SQL-based querying. It can handle most any combination of logical operator, includes and excludes, and even aggregate comparisons (ie: find everyone with “at least X records matching condition Y” or “an average value of X that exceeds a certain threshold”.)
  • Holding true to our design principles around data security, it does not require any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) to be transferred to any Agilitek device, ensuring that your sensitive data remains on your database and only on your database.


  • Audiences are the resulting subset of people.
  • Holding true to our design principles around this functionality being an extension of our automation platform, these audiences can be synced (one time or perpetually) to your data warehouse, Salesforce CRM, Facebook, Marketing Cloud, Eloqua, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, Hubspot and more.

Segmentation Wizard

What's Next

Agilitek is presently rolling out this new product to our Fan Data Platform customers who have expressed interest in being early adopters. We intend on sharing some customer stories in the coming months of how this is making life easier for our users, and delivering value to different areas of the business.

If you are a Fan Data Platform customer and wish to join our early adopters group, please reach out to your Agilitek contact. If you are not a Fan Data Platform customer and want to learn more, please click here to book a demo with us.

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