Amazon Web Services


Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Right Platform

Our mission is to deliver the right data to the right users at the right time. That’s why Agilitek Solutions specializes in implementing and customizing solutions for your business using leading cloud-based technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

CRM Implementation

Agilitek Solutions has delivered successful Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics implementations for some of the most recognizable names in sports, helping organizations manage their players, customers, assets, and sales and marketing efforts. Does your organizations aspire to use CRM more broadly and effectively? Does timely data integration across systems sound like a key component to achieving your CRM objectives? We can help!

Application Development

Agilitek Solutions has built mobile and web-based applications that serve unique needs for various organizations. Do you have external stakeholders who need to access or share information? Do you have internal users whose job effectiveness relies upon timely and accurate information? Do you have a data lake or data warehouse, but are not leveraging that data asset to its fullest extent? Have you been looking for the right platform, but nothing seems to fit quite right? We can help!

Platform Modernization

Agilitek Solutions can take legacy applications, including mainframe or other “old tech”, and refactor them into modern, efficient, scalable, user-friendly, accessible, and tightly-integrated solutions that live in cloud and elegantly integrate with your modern technology stack. Reduce your training needs, excite your users with a new and modern user experience, reduce your support costs, and liberate your data.

Systems Integration

Agilitek Solutions uses modern design patterns to push and pull data from and to any of your internal and external business systems — e-commerce, marketing, CRM, data lake or warehouse, mainframe, social media, or any others. Are you tired of looking up information in multiple systems, or frequently exporting to CSV or Excel? Do you want more streamlined business processes? We can help!

Data Consolidation

Agilitek Solutions can provide (or augment your internal IT team in providing) a central repository for your data for analytics, reporting, and compliance purposes. Using industry best practices for scalability, security, and cost efficiency, you can remain in complete control of who, how, and where the data is accessed. Are you craving better and more timely analytics and reporting? Are you trying to get a better handle on your data for GDPR, CASL, or other regulatory or compliance purposes? We can help!

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